Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sometimes you just have to only receive

(This was inspired one night at the prayer room when I really needed to ‘shut up and listen’. That was the night God brought Neal along to gently encourage and exhort, and to pray for me. He was very much an angel sent from God, ministering the gentle spirit of God to my soul. Thanks Neal.)

I am so programmed to be ready to give, that it’s hard to just shut up and receive.

There are days that I really need to hear from God, to feel His love, tangibly. Those are the days I need to pull back, open up, and let God do His thing.

There will be times that I will be the channel, the giver. It’s always great to have something from God to pass along to minister to another one of God’s kids.

But, there are times to be the receiver, the givee. That will be the time that God uses someone else, someone who is charged up, obedient, and ready to pass along a hug, a word, a prayer for me.

When I’m dry, I need someone to bring me living water.

When I’m drained, I need to be re-filled.

I can’t always be giving out, I need to be taking in.

Thanks, Lord, for loving me as much as you love everyone else.


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