Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Speak to me!

So, I'm checking out my favorite blogs. (Found a few awesome ones, by the way.) I'm inspired, challenged, encouraged by the words and thoughts of others.
And I think: "I haven't written anything for a couple weeks. No inspiration, no burning message to impart to my disciples. What's wrong?"
For me, the urge to write something usually comes from a bit of revelation. Some thought starts swirling around the galaxies of my brain, and develops into something somewhat cohesive. I hope.
The muse strikes, and having struck, moves on.
When it doesn't happen, I don't write.
Pretty simple, I guess.
But reading other people's stuff gets me wanting to write. To have deep, philosophical, world-changing thoughts.
So, being a strong believer that God communicates with us today, I ask/beg/demand that He show me something worth writing about.
As if I can make God do anything!
That I can force Him to talk to me.
Sure, I know He is especially fond of me (Check out The Shack for further enlightenment on that one.)
But that doesn't mean I can make Him do something at the drop of a hat.
Sure, many times He has answered my desperate calls for immediate wisdom to make a good decision (and sometimes I have even followed His direction!) But still!
And I know He loves to be in communion with me. He totally desires for me to share all of the little and big things of my life with Him. But...!
Can I just sit here and say: "God, talk to me. I think now is the time that I need to hear something. I think that now is the time for me to move forward in my knowledge. I think now is the time for me to gain new understanding."
I think God has the right to decide if I am ready for some new level of understanding. I think He gets to say: "It's not time yet. You don't need to know the answer to that question yet. I'll show you in good time. Don't get your knickers in a knot. Hang on, and Trust Me."

So, I'm not writing about some new revelation about something. This isn't a catchy little turn of phrase that will have you going "WOW!"
I guess it's a recognition that God is God. And I'm not.

1 comment:

Ed said...

Ok Al..... "I" was mentioned about 21 times in your rant.


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