Saturday, December 27, 2008


To both of my loyal fans (at least I hope I have at least a couple), I hope you survived without any grand Christmas wisdom from me. I have been too busy enjoying life to write about it--eating turkey, building the traditional Christmas jigsaw puzzle, and otherwise just hanging out with family. I've been working on something that I will likely post soon, but it probably needs a bit more contemplation.
By the way, I'd really like to encourage you to comment (when I actually write stuff). Besides letting me know that I have an adoring public (both of you), it also might help to either encourage me in my warped and twisted view of things, or else help straighten me out. Either of which could be infinitely valuable, at least to me.
Also, thanks to the technology of blogdom, you can become a 'follower'. Sort of like disciple, but then again, not even close.
So, a belated Merry and an early Happy. I hope this has been a good Christmas, and that your New Year is better than you expect.


Peter said...

To Al's other reader (whoever you are):

(a) I strongly advocate "following" his blog. It's easy and all the kids are doing it.

(b) I strongly recommend you leave comments on Al's posts. It's thoughtful, fun, and makes the blogosphere a better place.

Anonymous said...

I suppose I am Al's 'other' loyal fan who has never posted... thanks for making it easier for me!

I love seeing into your heart as I read your thoughts. My own are often so similar but we don't get to talk enough.

Glad you enjoyed the traditional although not Norman Rockwell Christmas.

Sister Dearest


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