Monday, October 12, 2009

Where's Jesus?

Sermon yesterday was from Luke 2 when Jesus goes to the temple at age 12. Makes me think of 'Where's Waldo?' as the family comes back from Jerusalem and realizes that Jesus isn't part of the whole group. His parents are looking all over for him, and finally head back to town to see if he might be there.
More than 'Where's Waldo?', I'm thinking about the church today.
--Traveling merrily along, thinking Jesus is part of the whole thing.
--Gradually realizing that he isn't where we thought he always was.
--Running back to look for him, not knowing exactly where we lost him.
--And hearing him say when finally we locate him, “Did you not know that I must be busy in the affairs of My Father?”
Does that strike you as it did me?
We who call ourselves Christ followers are traveling along, not even aware that the one we say we are following isn't necessarily at the head anymore.
When we notice, and start looking for him, he reminds us that we should be concerned about the things God is, instead of the things we have been concerned about.


I'll let you hear what you are supposed to be hearing. God is quite capable of letting you know what is appropriate,

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