Thursday, July 1, 2010

So this is Canada Day, eh?

I'm wearing my nice red t-shirt with the Canadian flag on it. But no, I didn't join in Victoria's living flag, aiming for 2010 participants this year.

Pretty proud to be Canadian.
Most of the time.
And for some good reasons.

Except for things like what happened in the Toronto police state last weekend. I'm crying for my country when a few elected thugs decide what is good for the country and the world.
And don't like anyone to disagree with them.

Hundreds of protesters manhandled in various ways, detained for hours (or longer) and many released without being charged. Because they did nothing wrong, except stand up for values they believe in.

In my Canada, it didn't used to be wrong or illegal to have a different opinion than someone else.
Even if that someone else has the power to order police forces to shut you down by whatever force is necessary.

Lots of stuff went down at the G8/G20 meetings in Toronto. Thanks to technology and independent media, a 'politically incorrect' take on the proceedings can be heard and seen. Here are four stories/reports for your reading and viewing pleasure:
O Canada
Lacy MacAuley
Amy Miller (View video #4)
A comprehensive look at the week of protests in Toronto

It makes me sing even more fervently:
God keep our land,
Glorious and free

And pray for God's kingdom to come to this beautiful, wonderful land of Canada.
I think people like me have to take a stand.

So here I stand.

1 comment:

Peter J Walker said...

Al, it's been too long! How are you?

You know, I sometimes wish I was Canadian. I don't want to sound ungrateful to be an American. But I remember some time ago you mentioning, "I'm not used to interacting with thoughtful Americans..." or something to that effect. No, I don't want to indict you - you're not a bigot ;)
(so any other readers here, don't respond. Al's a cool dude)

Anyway, Al, kudos to you and Canada. Up with differing opinions. Down with homogeny.

Peace bro,


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