Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An open letter to Mr. Harper and Mr. Layton

Dear Mr. Harper and Mr. Layton;

The most important thing I took away from both of your speeches last night was that you plan on working together for the good of the country. You will support good policies, even if they come from a different party. That is what will make this country work.

Mr. Harper, 60% of the people who voted did not vote for your party, so your party does not represent a majority of Canadians. However if you choose to listen to and work together with ALL of the other members of parliament, we truly can begin to see our democratic system working again.

Many people voted for change. 2% more people (than 2008) wanted a Conservative government . 12.4% more people supported the NDP’s call for change. Although overall Green Party support dropped, they were able to elect their first ever MP. So, in many ways many people indicated a desire for change that did not point to the Conservative party.

Mr. Harper and Mr. Layton, the ball is about to be played in your courts. You can choose to hog it or fight over it, or you can choose to use it for the betterment of our country. You can use it to keep your friends happy, or to strive for the good of all.

We will be watching you both. We still don’t have a lot of faith in our political system, because we have been burned many times. You can help restore faith in our system, or you can give us every reason to say “I told you so.” It’s up to you.


Jonathan said...

Well said. I didn't realize you were a fellow Canadian. I guess I don't pay much attention to where most of the bloggers I interact with are from. And I read now that you are with YWAM, I bet you know Rob & Wendy M (I grew up best friends with Wendy's little brother). Small world...

Chris Ledgerwood said...

Don't hold your breath, my friend. Politics is a game oif deception!!

Chris Ledgerwood said...

Am I the only one that cannot log into their blog???


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