Thursday, October 18, 2007


It's one of the buzz words of the day.

'Find your center'.

It's not something I have heard much about, but the navel gazers toss the phrase around like many other mantras. To me, it seems it should mean: Figure out where you are coming from, and direct your energy on focusing on that one thing. Bring it all to one place, and then start living from out of that place. I may not be describing it the way the new agers might, but I think that's what it should mean.

Particularly, because it makes sense to me. Do a bit of self-analysis, and see what really makes you tick. And then do a good job of ticking that way.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

It kind of started in church when we were singing 'Jesus be the center'. We need to figure out if He is. The center. Of us. Of who we are. Of what we do.

I suppose there are various ways of figuring out what philosophy is really the core of who we are. Like another thing I heard in church--”Who are you when you are alone, just as you go to sleep at night?” Or what takes priority in your life—energy, time, money. It's one thing to say your faith in God is everything, but does it translate in daily life? I know for me the answer isn't always yes. Way more often than enough my center is sometimes me. My toys, my enjoyment, my stomach, my free time.

This is another of those places where the Grace of God needs to be allowed to overtake us. Let Him gently point out where His Lordship isn't. And then allow Him to change us. It's not like we have a lot of success in changing ourselves!

Jesus, be the center,

Be my source, be my light, Jesus.

Jesus, be the center,

Be my hope, be my song, Jesus.

Be the fire in my heart,

Be the wind in these sails,

Be the reason that I live,

Jesus, Jesus.

Jesus, be my vision,

Be my path, be my guide, Jesus.

© 1999 Vineyard Songs Words and Music by Michael Frye.


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