Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Optimizing performance

So I'm watching my computer update Adobe Reader.... You know, watching the indicator show the progress of the various stages of the installation.... And one of the stages is called 'Optimizing Performance'.
What a concept! That we could plug into something that would analyze our inner processes and figure out how to make them work at their peak efficiency. Tweaking here, adjusting there, removing, rearranging, fine tuning. Getting rid of the old, cumbersome ways of doing things and updating with new, streamlined efficiencies.
Even like the defrag process--taking the bits and pieces of information and operation, and filing them all in the same place so they flow together more smoothly.
As a follower of Christ, I can see how God intends this whole principle of 'optimizing performance' to be a regularly scheduled maintenance procedure--like every day.
Coming before Him, laying it all out, letting Him tweak, adjust, remove, remove and replace. Allowing Him to weave the various threads of past teaching and experience into a perfectly formed operating system (pardon the mixed metaphors).
So, let it happen today.
Every day.
Schedule it in.
If it is useful for computers, it is definitely useful for humans.

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