Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's easier...

"It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." (Ancient Chinese proverb). But it sure seems easier to curse the darkness.
It's easy to complain that everyone is so self-centered and uncaring.
And it seems harder to be other-centered and compassionate.
It's easy:
--to see people in need and say the government should be doing something about that.
--to see a drug problem and say the police need to crack down on it.
--to hear about someone in the hospital, and tell the pastor he should go visit them.
It's pretty easy to notice a problem and figure out who should do something.
It's harder to see how I can do something useful.

Harder, but not at all impossible.
If you're honestly looking for a way you can help, you will find a way.
It really isn't very hard:
--to donate some cash or non-perishable items to a food drive.
--to donate some new or gently used clothing.
--to stop and chat with the fellow on the street trying to make a couple bucks, and encouraging him.
--to have a coffee with the friend who needs to talk.
There's something you can do.
You have a God-given gift (or two or ten).
There's something that you can do that helps give your life purpose and meaning. That you can do from your heart. That doesn't have to be forced. That doesn't look fake.
Figure out who you are, and let it happen.
It's not hard to be yourself.
It's probably harder to continually deal with the conviction if you aren't doing something.
Go ahead.
I give you permission to be who God made you.
It will be easier.

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