Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What did you see when you read this title? One word or four?
Things aren't always as they appear.
You might call it perspective. Not so much where you see some thing from, but how you see it.
The preconceptions.
The goggles you are looking through.
The attitude of your heart.
The 24-7 prayer website has some t-shirts and hoodies for sale. The message (front and back) is two-fold:
You see bones; I see an army. (Ezekiel 37)
It's all in how you are looking.

There are lots of corollaries:
--You see a cup of foam with a weird design of a leaf on the top. I see a steamy mug of comfort and caffeine, surrounded by conversation.
--You see an exciting test of skill in the crisp air of a winter evening. I see a fight with a hockey game liable to break out without warning.

It's all in what you are really looking for.
--You see (or hear) a call to rise up and fix the way your country operates. I hear the cacophony of screaming voices, pounding rhythms and profanity.
--You see a shiftless good-for-nothing, about to buy more drugs with the change he has just been given. I see a fellow human being, with drive and potential, looking for a chance to break free and shine.
--I see someone who is the biggest enemy of the church. You see someone who will become a teacher and leader in the church.
--You see a rebellious tattooed kid with metal stuck through places in his body not intended to have holes. I see someone searching for identity, striving for uniqueness in a way acceptable to his peers.

What do you see? Do you see dry bones, or an army?

I challenge you to see with God's eyes, love with His heart.

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