Monday, May 12, 2008

Draw Near

About 40 of our local churches joined together for 52 days of 24/7 prayer from Good Friday to Pentecost (yesterday). Churches took responsibility for a specific period of time from one day up to a week. Because of the large number of churches involved, several times two separate groups were praying simultaneously. Prayer rooms in the 24/7 model were set up in various host churches, sometimes with several churches using the same room over the period of time. For me, it was a welcome return to the 24/7 prayer we had in the city for a couple months two years ago. This time many more people were involved, more people were exposed to the broader aspects of prayer that the 24/7 model encourages (contemplation, communion, worship, creativity, rest, solitude, etc. as well as petition). I enjoyed it immensely, and hope the concept continues here.
The first night I was in the room, the theme of 'Draw Near' touched my spirit, and the following resulted.

Put your head on my breast and listen to my heart beat.
Stay long enough for your heart to synchronize with mine. Then when you go back into the ministry I have called you to, you will go with my Spirit in you, my passion burning in you, your every move in step with mine.
Prayer won't be you trying to bend my will to yours, but you accepting my yoke, going forth in the center of my will, heart, and purpose.
As you walk in step with me, you will learn the unforced rhythms of grace.
You will hear the still small voice.
Your heart will be touched with the things that touch mine.
Come aside and rest awhile.

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