Monday, May 12, 2008


(This came to me while in the 24/7 prayer room last week. It is a bit more personal, reveals more of the journey I am on.)

I need to trust in my Father's wisdom. To trust that what He is doing is indeed Him. That the things being stirred in my heart are of Him. That things which are not being stirred are just as much of His design.
I need to grow in grace and understanding that He is at work in different ways with different people. Like His gifts, to one He gives a call to be a channel of His miraculous power--healing, deliverance. To another He gives a passion to preach repentance and turning from sin.

To me He is giving an alertness to His presence at work; His Spirit nudging, drawing, loving.
To affirm what is good.
To bless creativity, justice, hope.
To see the image of God, even in the least likely places.
To see far beyond man-made divisions, borders, pathways.
To lose religiosity, to gain love.
To find and affirm truth.
It is also a need and desire to walk in the unforced rhythms of grace, to allow His infiniteness to fill my voids, to be because He is, not do because I should.
It includes growing in the broadness of what it means to engage the divine, to be in His presence. Drawing near, and staying.
Continuing to learn that prayer = communion = worship = being prostate in His presence = rejoicing = writing = drawing = dancing = silence = shouting = listening = seeing = believing with out seeing (and once in awhile, even includes petition).

Trust includes believing that the sum of the parts is a yet unseen whole. That the various paths I see myself on are really one journey, with one destination--although it is a destination you never completely reach. Today's finish line is tomorrow's starting block.

The Parts:
--compassion, affirmation, justice, understanding, relationship with people--the poor, addicted, pierced, post-modern; culture, sub-culture, counter-culture. The articulate, the voiceless. Almost all from a different slice of the human experience than myself. (Although I do have a few 'normal' friends!)
--discussion about 'the church'--post-modern, post-evangelical, post-fundamental, post-traditional. Endeavoring to remain true to truth, but not tied to tradition.
--reveling in the diversity of God exhibited in the 24/7 prayer model--worship, creativity, justice.
--coffee! Somehow, my love for this social beverage (never call it an addiction!) is part of who I am. There is something in this setting for unhurried listening, probing, accepting, being real.
--technology, communications. OK, I admit it. For a time I swore off Facebook, now I have succumbed.

So these are some of the threads of my journeying, being woven together into a fabric only God can envision.

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