Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was praying for a friend of mine, and thinking: “Lord, He's a cool guy, and it would be really good if ...” and then it washed over me like a ton of bricks. OK, like a tonne of bricks (the metric unit for something big and heavy). No, more like a tsunami, with water, not bricks because they don't flow very well. Anyway, you get the picture.
Here's what was so awesomely revealed in my human-sized brain. God doesn't answer our prayers based on how deserving we or the other person may be. He doesn't love us because of how wonderful we are. Nothing (and I mean nothing) comes to us from God based on our deserving of it.

Am I more loved by God because I am white? No
Does He think I rate extra blessings because I am Canadian? Nope.
Because I speak English?
I am of European descent?
I give change to people on the street?

Here's where it starts getting closer to home.
Does He love me more because I am a Christian? NO.
Because I pray right, believe right, live right? A thousand times NNOOOOO!!!

God loves me.
He loves you.
For God so loved the world.
That's why grace is sometimes defined as 'undeserved favor'. Because it is undeserved.
Thanks be to God.

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