Friday, January 9, 2009

Doxis and praxis

A particular blog ( uses these two terms as broad subject headings.
Praxis you can find in a dictionary. “practice, as distinguished from theory; application or use, as of knowledge or skills.”
Doxis is more elusive.
Given the definition of praxis, one can assume that doxis is related to orthodoxy, and has something to do with theory or doctrine—the concept of the thought behind the action.

You could fight that one is more important than the other. Perhaps you could say that the underlying reason for something is the most necessary. That you have to have a valid, logical foundation, a good argument for something to make it valid. That as long as you believe right, everything is good.
Or you could say that talk is cheap, the most important thing is the action. That even if your theology is messed up, if you actually live out kindness and generosity, that is what is ultimately important.

You could swing to one extreme or the other. You could say you believe in the equality of all humanity, but still act like a racist. Or you could be an atheist, and still do the kind of things Jesus did (love the poor, feed the hungry, help those in need). I'm glad I don't have to be God, and decide where a person's heart is.
My take is that both doxis and praxis are necessary.
A simple understanding of the heart and intent of God for His creation.
And a simple following through in a lifestyle of daily living out that understanding.

Simple, but it will take a lifetime to get it down.

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