Friday, January 2, 2009

So...What's the big deal...

about New Year's?
As far as dates go, January 1 is more arbitrary for the start of the year than December 25 is for Christmas. If we really want to signify the beginning of our yearly cycle around the sun, it could better be celebrated on some date signifying Spring, the start of new life, or our birthday, which is at least a precise moment in time.
For that matter, what is 'new' about the new year?
It still has the same joys and pains as yesterday, the same potential for heartache or ecstasy, the same life as December 31.
If you remove all of the induced excitement of midnight on New Years Eve--the noisemakers, fireworks, countdown, Auld Lang Syne, kiss-your-sweetheart, drink-a-toast or have a special prayer stuff, you would never notice a change.
In anything.
The weather is still the same.
You are still in the same location.
You still are stuck having the same friends.
You haven't lost any weight.
You (or your mate) isn't any better looking.

And what's the value of resolutions, anyway? Does anyone ever keep them? Do they have mystic powers because they are invoked on a certain day of the year?

Most important day of the year? Hardly!
At best, it's the last party before 2 or 3 or 4 more months of winter.

If you have read this far (and not given me 'curmudgeon of the year' award), I bet you are hoping that I have a brilliant comeback, some inspiring truths to counteract what I have just said.
I expect the unspoken value of celebrating starting over is the opportunity to bring new hope.
No, I still haven't quit __________ (insert bad habit), but I'm going to try harder this time.
No, I still am more rotund than I should be, but this year I'm going to diet/exercise/quit looking in the mirror.
No, my life is still going nowhere, but this year I am going to find meaning, purpose, fulfillment.
No, my relationship with God is non-existent/humdrum/less-than-stellar, but I am going to work on it.

What's right about trying to improve? At least it signifies a desire, a hope, a dream. It says I am going to put some effort into positive change.
What's wrong with trying to improve? It still is the same you, trying to be a different you.
We need more than good intentions. We need help!
Help from family and friends who we admit our need to, who will walk with us, encourage us, keep us accountable.
Help from God, because only He has the supernatural power to really change the parts of us that we haven't been successful in changing ourselves.

So, January 1 isn't any better than any other day for making good decisions.
But it certainly is better than no day at all.

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