Sunday, March 29, 2009


Who are you?
What defines you?
It seems to me that guys in particular define each other by what they do. Their job, their career.
But go deeper than that, and gaze into the mirror of your soul.
What makes you tick?
When you peel off the layers, what is left?
When all that's left is the soft center, what does it look like?
Under the fashion, the facade, the social niceties, the mask.
It might not be too pretty, but then again it might be pure gold.
What's hidden inside might only be an embryo, the beginnings of greatness.
It might be more mature, having had years to develop.
It might seem to be like a teenager—all legs and arms, and not much coordination.
Or it may be more like a finely aged wine or a well-oiled machine, in the peak of its perfection.

Who is this you down inside?

Whoever you are, this Easter remember that as Jesus was telling His disciples that He was about to die, He said: “This is for you. I'm doing it for you.”
Whatever that you looks like.
However mixed up or awesome that you is.
Jesus was thinking of all the yous in the universe.
He knew the range of yous that will exist over the ages.
The ones that think they are too messed up. The ones that think they are too good.

is for you.
The you only you know exists, down inside.
The you buried so deeply even you don't know what it looks like.

is for you.

Take it.
Receive it.
Let it affect you.
Let it permeate you.
Let it change you.
Let it take the blueprint, the framework, the outline, and fill in all the missing parts.
Let it cut like a surgeon's scalpel.
Let it shape like a sculptor's hands.
Let it bring out the luster and fire of a diamond in the hands of a master gem cutter.

Let HIM into YOU.


Peter said...

Beautifully said, Al.

My dad got laid off from Hewlett Packard at the end of last year - after 30 years with them. It was deeply painful for him - his identity has always been "the provider," "the hard-worker," even "the work-aholic." Now who is he?

Beyond father, husband, and employee...

That's hard to find sometimes. We make such a habit of being what we do. Especially here.

Who am I? I'd like to think I know, but I can't be sure...

Whatever I am, I know that Christ did "this" for me.

Al said...

Thanks, Peter.
I think I started this post with the underlying concept that God's Grace is for everyone, no matter who we are. But it really connects with all of our human interaction.
The more I understand that my identity is deeper and wider than what I do, the less I will be worried about the 'What if...', and the 'But...'--both in connecting with God, and with my fellow humans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Al, Laura samuelson here. I am in tears after reading this blog. Thank you for posting it. I know God accepts and loves me. The deep inside me that I don't even know. But I don't always feel it in my heart.

Al said...

Hi Laura, welcome! It's good to hear from you again.
Sometimes when I write stuff, it comes from my life, and the thinking that goes along with that. This time it was more of a matter of the heart, and inspiration that wasn't of my own making. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it speaks to you. And I'm very glad it does.


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