Wednesday, April 8, 2009


For years, the networks have been good at it. Broadcasting. That's what the 'B' means in ABC. NBC, CBS, CBC, BBC, etc.
The ability to communicate a wide spectrum of content to a wide spectrum of audience. A soap opera, a hockey game, a talk show, a news story, a sitcom, a game show. A little bit of something for everyone.
Then came the '500 channel universe'. Now we can have a channel devoted to golf. 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Or cooking shows, or poker games, or preaching.
For better or worse, we have the capacity to cater to the narrowest demographic.
Speaking of catering, it appears to me that this pandering to personal desire is certainly fueling the selfish, 'me-first' individualism prevalent in society.
I guess that is the down-side of focus. The ability to pretty much ignore everyone and everything else around you, in order to fulfill your own needs.
I think I see that kind of independence in people around me. Little eye contact with other people, locked in their own sound track thanks to their ipod. Walking down the sidewalk, riding public transit, hanging out at the mall. It seems most common among those not yet committed to home, family, mortgage, etc., although becoming parents doesn't automatically remove that 'me-ism'.

But the ability to focus on one thing is also a good thing.
Granted, it's better to focus on someone other than yourself, but even internally there is great value in narrowcasting.
If you were a TV producer, you wouldn't try to do it all yourself. You might be great at producing a figure skating competition, but probably suck at the fine nuances of The Young and the Restless. So, you would hone your skills relating to your specialty, and not worry about what you don't do well.
I expect that you see where I am going with this.
Time is too precious to try to cover all the bases yourself. Let the situations of life and the wisdom from above help you see where you are best suited to serve humanity.
Find your focus, and fine tune it.
Above all, don't feel less than successful when you don't do something as well as someone else does. Celebrate the fact that you probably do something better than they do.
And that's a GOOD thing!

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