Wednesday, May 27, 2009


—I'd get bored listening to a lecture on nuclear fission. The words (at least some of them) might be English, but I really have no concept of the concept.
—I'd be bored in a Grade 2 spelling class. No challenge, nothing to catch my interest.
—I'd be bored listening to a debate over which beer tastes the best—personally, I don't plan on ever caring!
—I'd be bored if I took courses on classic literature, grammar and creative writing, but never was given any opportunities to actually write.
—I'd be bored if I attended the regular meetings of a club, but was ignored by all the other members as they chatted with each other.

I think there are common threads why many people (even Christians) don't want to have anything to do with the religious systems often called the church.
—The church doesn't speak my language, they use big words, or use ordinary words that seem to have some coded meaning, or refer to theological concepts I don't understand.
—I don't hear anything new, up-to-date or relevant in church, only old, tired diatribes, the same old harping about a particular sin.
—I don't care what your particular church teaches about the rapture—pre, mid, post, or whatever; how you baptize—dunk or sprinkle; or what style of music you use. Figure out what is really important, and then I might be interested!
—If the church really believed all they preached about love and compassion, they would be out there making a difference, not just spending money on their fancy buildings, and never stepping out of them into the real world.
—If the church truly represents God, why don't they seem to care about me? Why are they so busy talking with their friends, and ignoring me?

If you or I would be bored in a similar situation, why are we surprised so many people are bored with church?

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