Thursday, June 4, 2009


I had an awesome chat with a young man a few nights ago. He was filling in as cashier at the local gas bar/convenience store. He was all excited about working on his pickup—he's already spent thousands on a pretty deadly sounding engine, and thousands more to go on body work, paint job, etc.
And he has all this money because he doesn't drink or do drugs.
Oh, he's tried pretty much everything, he said, but moved on.
I just had to commend him for his wisdom (having seen so many people who spend a bunch on that kind of stuff).
It was one of those connections that I'd really like to be able to continue. To be able to keep affirming him, to encourage him, to make sure he knows he is making some smart decisions, to see his truck as he works on it.
But sometimes those connections aren't to be.
I hope I see him again, but it might not happen.
Sometimes the only opportunity we have to say or do something is this opportunity. All we can be sure of is right now. We can't count on having another chance to say what we really want to say.

So, make the most of today.
Be positive and uplifting in your conversations.
Give compliments.
Buy someone coffee.
Smile lots.

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Peter said...

This is very "Off-The-Map: Ordinary Attempts." Making meaning in the ordinary!


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