Tuesday, December 15, 2009


If Advent signifies waiting, expecting, yearning....what is it like to be waiting for love? And how does the coming of Christ fulfill that yearning? And where does love fit in to the presence of Christ in this world through us? If hope means that change is possible, where does love fit into the equation?

How many people are in need of love in our world today?
Should love be a characteristic of a Christ-follower? (Duh!)
Is it a characteristic of me?

I think love has to be a foundational component of the presence of Christ, whether 2000 years ago, or now.

Love looks past the appropriateness of a person's clothes, and sees inside.
Love ignores the smell of the guy who hasn't had a shower for ever, and hugs him anyway.
Love struggles to understand the broken English of the new immigrant, and helps her find the local amenities she needs.
Love senses the pain and fear showing in the eyes of the young lady worried about her unplanned pregnancy, and walks with her through the choices and consequences of the next months, and beyond.
Love endures the unfamiliar music style, and builds a friendship with the young metalhead.
Love recognizes the familiar humanness inside the unfamiliar attire of the neighbor kid and works even harder to connect.
Love says I can make changes in my lifestyle that will improve this global community. Small things perhaps, but a start. Riding a bike or taking public transportation instead of a gas-guzzling SUV. Fair-trade coffee. Less consumer products. Less landfill. Recycling. Reusing.
Love isn't satisfied with the status quo. Love recognizes the scope of where change needs to happen—and starts somewhere.

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