Monday, December 7, 2009

Looking for feedback

This post is to get some feedback from my readers.
Do you read my blog directly from my blogger site (Does it show the sculpture of the thinker at the top?)
Do you check randomly, or are you signed up as a 'follower'?
Do you read it on Facebook when it posts to my wall?
Do you check it out on Blogger when I notify of a new post on my Facebook status?
Do you follow on Facebook's Networked blogs?

I'm trying to figure out which works best, which looks the best, and how best to reach my millions of fans! OK, not millions--but I have reached the grand sum of 12 disciples followers on blogger, so perhaps I can be satisfied--after all, Jesus only had 12 disciples!

I've been on Facebook's Networked blogs for awhile, but can't really see the benefit. I supposedly have 6 followers, but can't even find out who they are.

I have Blogger feeding to my Facebook Notes page, but perhaps using Facebook's Network blogs would work/look better. Any comments from anyone who already uses Networked blogs?

I tend to format with Blogger in mind, rather than Facebook, since Facebook basically has no formatting.

Perhaps I should consider using Wordpress or Typepad, although I don't know how much work might be involved in switching over from Blogger. I like some of the features on the others, but .....
Any comments would be helpful.
Speaking of comments, I find that some people comment on the Blogger site, others comment on the Facebook page, and there is no cross-pollination between the two. For that reason, I am tempted to use only Blogger, and stop the direct feed to Facebook. That way, I could post notifications on Facebook, but all comments would (hopefully) be kept together.
Any thoughts?


Luke said...

when i sign into my blogger account, it tells me what you have done... or when checking my blog and you have a new post, i click on it from there. i use my blog pretty much as a portal and RSS feed in it's own right.

i see the thinking man, i like the lay out. just need to work on the paragraph spacing. other than that, looks good!

ron cole said...

i Al, I've been blogging since 2001, the first three years on a blogger format, and then I switched to Typepad. I just found that I outgrew Blogger, not to put it down, but it does have it's limits. As far as the basic template stuff, side bar, banners, templates not much difference. But if your trying to create a following of readers, or just to get your writing deeper into the virtual space...I'd go typepad, or create your own website domain. The down side of Typepad is, it's not free. At a basic level, I think it's still 4.95$. What I like about Typepad is the Technorati Tags, as seen at the bottom of any of my posts. If you click on the tag it will bring up any blog posts using that tag. And it will keep track of the number of comments,feedbacks and pings to your blog creating an authority ( or a rating ). Publishers tend to look at theses ratings if there looking for someone to review and plug a book for them. It gives them and you more exposure.
I tend to read all my favorite blogs in Google reader. But I know from two friends who have been in the emerging conversation since it was nothing more than a whisper ( Mike Morrell, and Spencer Burke ), they put there stuff out on every social media application there is. At one time that was difficult to do, now it is extremely easy.
Initially to it helps, writing in reference to other stuff your reading, putting links in your posts and using pings in the comments of what you read.
I've been thinking of making a FB page, sort of like Monotation...just haven't got around to it.

Randi Jo :) said...

i just read at :)

Al said...

OK. So, Luke, you figure I need to put spaces between my paragraphs?


I guess I can do that.

Sounds like LOTS of extra work, but for you, OK.

You are worth it.

Randi Jo, I don't know anything about bloglines. Does it send you directly to the actual site?

Ron, I'm too cheap to PAY for this. I figure you should be able to get everything for nothing. I agree, Blogger is kinda basic. I don't know if I care about authority or rating. Sounds too religious!
My brief look at Google reader gave me the impression it is nothing more than text. Is that so, or am I missing something?
Thanks for your feedback so far.

ron cole said...

Well we don't want you looking too religious Al (LOL ). I was thinking in terms of more exposure. Everything for nothing? Al, you're reading too too much of the prosperity gospel.

shallowfrozenwater said...

i follow. i come to your blog to read.
on an unrelated note, my sister in law lives in Victoria and should i ever get into the neighbourhood expect an email or a comment and maybe i'd even see about coming to check out the work you do.

Al said...

Thanks for the feedback. Basically I'm trying to figure out if putting my posts on Facebook is a good thing or not. It might make more sense just to link to this blog from there.
That would keep all comments in one place.

Anonymous said...

As you know, I'm no blogger expert or much of a virtual expert at all. Cinnamon buns, now that's another matter!

I have you in my favorites. That's it. I figure I haven't seen what you're up to for a few days, I go find out. Not that this answer helps you in your quest for excellence. I just thought I'd add my 2$ (inflation...)

~Sister Dearest


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