Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scattered randomness (with a chance of meatballs)

(just in case these deep and wonderful thoughts never have the chance to grow up into full-blown musings.)
  • Two rather similar thoughts from different sources: “I'd rather be a ripple than a splash”, and “It's better to be a candle than a trumpet” (Randy Hein @ The Place Jan 3, 2010).  To me, these both say that it's more important to be a small, consistent, far-reaching influence than a one-time big one.
  • I don't 'go to church', I am the church. Regularly attending Christian meetings with a group of people isn't the point. The point is to be engaged in relationships, acts of service and compassion, etc.
  • We native-born, European-descended, able-bodied males have an incredible place of privilege in our society. Not that we deserve it (we had absolutely nothing to do with any of it), but we tend to unknowingly exert the rights of this privilege in everything from how we enter (and take over) a room, public transit, or a conversation. Observe how true this (and the opposite) is the next time you are in a group of people. Notice who talks louder/more confidently, who takes up more space (sprawling on a bus, for example), or who assumes they should be treated well. (Thanks to my good friend Comrade for this insight.)

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