Sunday, November 23, 2008

Diversity and me

So, I believe in diversity (see last 2 posts). I believe God designed diversity. So, what's the problem?!
Well, for me I guess it is this.
1. I recognize how I perceive my personality, giftings, and bent.
2. I know other people are wired differently (hence, diversity)
3. I see that other people need to be affirmed in their unique take on life.
4. I want to be affirmed in my unique take on life.
5. But I still sometimes wish I was like other people. Some other people, at least.
You know, normal people. People like I was brought up to be (no need to go into any specifics, the point is we all have a past, and that past is probably morphing into our present). In, other words, sometimes I wish I wasn't different. I'd fit in better, go with the flow, just coast along.
6. Sometimes I wish other people were more like me. That they would see things my way, be focused on similar things to me. In other words, that they weren't so diverse from me. Then I would have people who would share my priorities. We would find the same things to be important, and also share the same list of things that aren't so important.

But that isn't diversity.
That isn't giving God the opportunity to emphasize different things for different people.
For one person to be the quintessential fire-and-brimstone, turn-or-burn evangelist.
For another person to be the Mother Teresa, going to the poorest of the poor.

For one someone to put their energy into study and learning, and then creatively, methodically pass that information along to others.
For another someone to spontaneously turn a conversation into an opportunity to impart grace into a searching heart.

So, I need to give in to God.
To accept His choices and design for me.
To move forward in my own journey, marching to the beat of a different drummer.
To let the charismatic be the charismatic.
To let the 'liberal' be the liberal.
To let the 'conservative' be the conservative.

Not to try to change them.
Not to let them try to change me.

To be a thumb when it seems everyone else is an eye.

Methinks there is need for a lot of grace. But truly, I am grateful for the way God made me, and the opportunities to live out my unique place in the world.

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