Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have this friend named Sophie. Well, more like acquaintance growing into friend. You know how relationships take time to grow.
When I first met her, she tended to be kind of nervous around me. You could tell that she wanted to connect, but there are some things in her past that make it hard for her to trust people. I don't know the whole story, but my guess is she has suffered some abuse, and she seems to struggle with trusting men.
But she wants to.
She doesn't want to stay in that inner prison of fear.
Food and unconditional love seem to be what is overcoming the barriers. If I am giving away some kind of snack, she makes sure she isn't left out.
Often I wish it wasn't taking so long to grow this friendship. Sometimes I almost feel like giving up, that it isn't going to happen. But I persevere. Trying not to expect too much, and then happy when it looks like things are improving. Little by little, I can tell that she trusts me now. I am beginning to see signs that she isn't so nervous around me.
Now she comes close, laying her wet furry nose on my knee, enjoying being tickled behind her ears.
You see, Sophie is a dog. A real nice dog, but it has taken a couple years to get to this stage in our friendship. She doesn't bark at me nearly as much as she used to.
I'm sure you see the point I am making. Sophie isn't that different from many of the people I meet on the street.
Some pain in their past.
Nervous about trusting again.
But still wanting to be loved.
Food and unconditional love go a long way with people, just like they do with dogs.

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