Monday, November 3, 2008


I would guess that the song Amazing Grace is probably the most beloved of all Christian songs. It seems that almost everyone knows about the song, whether people of faith or not.
Why do we love it so much?
I suppose because we love to know that the God we may not even believe in is a gracious God. He is bigger than our sin. He loves us even when we sin. He finds us when we are lost.
You probably know the story of the song. That it was written by a former slave trader. That over a period of years his life was drastically changed.
It is a simple, powerful song. I heard it again last night, sung by a choir.
In itself, that is not too amazing. As I said earlier, many people love the song, because it tells us of God's love.
Although we may not have been slave traders, we all can identify with 'I once was lost, but now am found.'
The thing I found particularly poignant last night was the fact that this was being sung by a black choir. A black South African choir (the Soweto Gospel Choir).
It's one thing for a white converted slave trader to rejoice in the grace of God.
It's another thing for a black person to sing about it.
A black whose ancestry comes from a group of people who were slaves a few centuries ago.
A black from a nation still recovering from the oppressive rule of a white minority.

It's one thing to be forgiven of your sin.
It's another thing to be able to forgive someone for their sin against you.
It definitely takes the grace of God.
The Amazing Grace of God.

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