Friday, November 28, 2008

I am to be envied.

I'm glad I was born when I was. It's not like I had any choice, (kind of like predestination?!) but I can sure see the benefits.
If I was even just another decade older, I would probably be struggling to understand:
--computers, internet, blogging, bank machines, and all kinds of other technology
--'Kids these days.' I know all non-kids will always make that comment, but I dare say I have a bit more understanding than if I was even more ancient than I am.
--Environmentalism. People older than me either tend to recycle automatically because they learned the value of it by growing up during harder times, or not caring too much at all.
--postmodernism, and all of the attendant spiritual, practical, mental, philosophical etc. ramifications. Including the basic tenet that things are changing (have already changed a lot) and trying to go back to the 'good old days' isn't really possible—even if it was a good idea.

If I was a decade or two younger, I wouldn't have had:
--the opportunity to grow up during a time of relative world peace, where I didn't have to worry about the state of the world.
--the relatively peaceful home life that I and most of my peers had. Not much family breakdown happening, most kids lived with both parents and had less to need therapy for.
--the opportunity to do many things manually. Not as many machines to do it for you. More opportunity to get your hands dirty working.
--the chance to better understand modernism, since that was the prevailing mindset. Now that things are adjusting, I at least have experience in where we are coming from.

Now if only there was a market for people with my very valuable and unique skill set.

1 comment:

Peter said...

But what about that 401k, Al? ;)

Good thoughts - thankfulness is a tough lifestyle to practice.

BTW: Hooray! Posting on your site is easy again!


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