Wednesday, February 7, 2007


It's considered one of the marks of a good society. We demand it of others, we expect it in a court oflaw, but why do we still seem to be missing so much of it? In our freedom and independence we want to receive our fair share, but we are often less anxious to give it.
Justice is fair dealing, equal treatment, honesty and integrity. Democracy is supposed to be equal rights for all, bur there sure seems to be different rules for the rich than the poor.
If you can afford it, you get better lawyers, more beneficial decisions handed your way, and a smoother trip through life.
Here in Victoria, there's a guy fighting for the right to sleep. His name is David Arthur Johnston. Seems pretty straighforward and logical, unless you are a street dude catching a bit of shut-eye in a doorway. "Sorry, you've got to move on." And it's the police who are charged with doing this, so complaining to them wouldn't help a bit.
It's been quite a battle for David, weeks in jail, hunger strikes, as he fights for justice. Who knows, he just might push long enough and hard enough for justice to prevail. (Like the widow in Luke 18.)
So, if I was being disturbed while at my nightly slumber (as I lay in my comfortable bed), by a noisy party next door, I'd be able to complain and probably see some justice. After all, freedom has limits.
But how about the cold, wet dude huddling in the doorway? He can't complain that the police are disturbing his sleep.
Even in our wonderful nation, with its Charter of Rights and Freedoms, there is a need to uphold justice. Stand up for the little guy. Be a voice for the voiceless. Don't cross the street to bypass the guy in need, get involved. The newspaper clippings of your arrest and night in jail for standing up for something will be a great thing to show your grandchildren!
A final thought on justice. If justice is getting what we deserve, thank God for mercy. Sometimes what we deserve wouldn't be too pleasant.

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