Monday, February 19, 2007

Q & A

If Jesus is the answer, do we what know what the questions are?

Are we trying to fix the things that aren’t really the problem? What are the root causes of this mess we find ourselves in?

Love has to be a main ingredient of life, but so often it is missing.

Daddy’s more concerned about work, security, or pleasure. Sometimes that means that daddy isn’t even part of the picture any more.

Mommy’s too busy keeping things running smoothly—work, soccer, dance classes.

So, where does that leave Johnny?

Too often, starved for love.

So, Abba, we need Your love.

‘For God so loved….’ Please love Johnny. Make sure he knows that you welcome the prodigal back home. He doesn’t even know what he’s missing, but he will know real love when he experiences it. Protect him from looking for it in the bar or on the street corner.

And Susie, she’s just as lonely, just as lost.

Worried about being accepted, affirmed, loved.

Send Your love to her special delivery before she ends up on the street, selling herself trying to fill that aching hole.

I’m beginning to see where I come in.

I bet it’s me that Christ might want to send to deliver that message of love.

And it won’t use my mouth as much as I expect.

First it needs to overwhelm my own heart—to see how deep and wide and long God’s love is. I’ll probably have to experience it for myself, to walk in that grace myself, and then I’ll be able to communicate it. Once my heart is full of love, it will come out.

My eyes will be soft, gentle, ready to cry along with the broken-hearted.

My arms will quickly ‘assume the position’ of a genuine, prolonged hug; firm, solid, with feeling.

My feet will take me to the dark side of town. I won’t be scared, knowing I’m on an errand of God’s mercy.

My ears will be attentive, listening, reading between the lines.

My lips will speak kind, affirming words. Words of God’s love and forgiveness, words of welcome.

If we recognize the answer is love, we are probably beginning to comprehend the question.

God is Love—that brings the whole matter full circle.

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