Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I hear there is a house for sale in Banff.
Mansion, really--by the sound of the price. Just under $10 mil. Not bad, if you're Bill Gates.
But it got me thinking. What determines value? Is that house worth $10 mil? If you decided to build something similar from scratch, but on some inconsequential lot next to nowhere, would it cost $10,000,000.00? Probably not.
Do the people who call this pricey little number 'home' sleep better or have better friends than I do?
But I digress...
What determines value? Basically, something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Take a piece of canvas,a few $$ for paint and brushes, and you could sell it for millions (especially if you have been dead for a couple centuries). Then again, you could invest millions in R & D, invent something people won't buy, and kiss your retirement good-bye.
The point?
Even when we were selfish, independent, dead in our sin, Jesus died for us.
He saw value in us and paid what He knows we are worth.
'Nuff said.

1 comment:

josiah said...

SIGH, oh Al. I miss you more then you can imagine, i appriciate yer lil rants so much! I always enjoyed our conversations n this feels like ol times. gettin to hear part of your brilliant mind! You are cooler then you ever will know my friend!
all the best to you brother!


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